Questions to a private detective

The list of frequently asked questions is created in order to best establish mutual understanding between a private detective and his client. We sincerely hope to help you answer your questions in advance.
If you have a question you haven’t received an answer to, email us or ask your question at the end of this page.

Yes, the head office of our agency is located in Russia, in Moscow. If necessary, we will organize an investigation in any city of the Russian Federation or abroad.

The contract with our detective agency can be concluded at a face-to-face meeting in the office or mailed.

We understand the specifics of our customers’ appeals. Sometimes urgent intervention is required. Yes, we can start an investigation before signing the contract when 100% prepayment is received. The contract in this case will still be concluded, but already in the process of detective activities.

Detective services can be paid for in any way convenient for you:

If you want to remain completely anonymous, we are ready to accept payment in Bitcoins

This is a very important question. There are times when our customers do not fully understand what information they will receive. At your request, we will send examples of the investigation report to your email address(*).

(*)Examples of the Detective Investigation Report are provided in Russian language. If the contract is concluded, the report may be translated into English.

Information is transmitted electronically through closed channels using e
ncryption through public and non-public file-sharing services.

All files are checked carefully before sending. We have excellent file sharing. If this does happen, then try the following:

  • Carefully enter your password
  • Use a different browser instead of what you usually use
  • Use a proxy or VPN to connect to the Internet

Video materials are optimized for viewing on PC, please do not use tablets and mobile phones to view them.

The cost of detective services consists of overheads in the investigation and fees to a private detective. You’d be surprised, but our fees are sometimes negligible compared to overheads.

We have a flexible pricing system, but some detective services, especially those related to field work or access to paid information, can not cost less.

We strive to optimize the expenses of our customers, offer services in accordance with your budget, provide additional discounts.

We do not disclose confidential information of our clients without their knowledge.

However, we can represent your interests in the police, court, prosecutor’s office, investigative committee and other government organizations if you specifically authorize us, legally formalizing your representation in these institutions.

(*)Please note that in the event that you have already filed a statement with the police, and then hired us as private detectives, in accordance with the Law on Private Detective and Security Activities, we are obliged to inform the police that we are working on your case (without specifying details). This happens most often when searching for missing persons, and especially missing children.