People search

Find a person in Russia

People search is one of the main types of private investigations conducted by our Agency.
The investigation includes the search for people who are missing, the search for people with whom communication has been lost, the search for biological parents, the search for debtors and fraudsters, or people who have somehow shown negative behavior towards you or your company.

The key to the success of the search and search for people is the completeness of the provided introductory information

Search with a positive result is a long, painstaking process. Our detectives always go to the place where the last time the wanted person was recorded.

However, 99% of people’s search success depends on the completeness of information. To successfully conduct operational search activities, we need to get as much input data as possible about the people we are looking for.

Our detectives work with great dedication, especially when it comes to finding missing children.

For a full-fledged search and search, we use an integrated approach to solving the task at hand

  • Search for information from open sources, OSINT.
  • Search by first name, last name and date of birth, IBDR, ROSPASSPORT, Form #1 from the passport office.
  • Search by phone number, number ownership
  • Search by geolocation of the object received from the billing
  • Search by car number, car ownership
  • Search for city security cameras, including the “Potok” and “Magistral” systems
  • Interview of eyewitnesses who last saw the wanted person
  • Checking the physical addresses of the alleged location of the wanted person on site

Successful search and search work is, first of all, the high professionalism of our private detectives.
We found several hundred people who were lost from a few days to several years.

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