Outdoor surveillance

Outdoor surveillance

Surveillance is the foundation of private investigation.
Our agency’s field teams are made up of high-class professionals, former police officers and FSB officers.
We are experienced and careful.

Our detectives are equipped with professional equipment for photo and video recording of events.
Outdoor observation allows you to qualitatively supplement a private investigation, form its basis and evidence base.

What is outdoor surveillance for?

Suspicion, like poison eats away at the soul. This can lead to unpredictable consequences. Spying on a person will help dispel doubts about loyalty or confirm the opposite.
Does your spouse cheat? How honest is the business partner? The final answers to these questions can only be given by covert surveillance.

Surveillance is a complex operational activity in which large forces of the agency are involved

Detective agency “Poirot” will provide comprehensive information about the pastime of the people you are interested in at any time 24/7.
At the end of the reporting period, you will receive a detailed report on the behavior of the monitored object.

Surveillance report includes:
  • Documentary report on events during operational activities
  • Photo of the object in iconic places with reference to the terrain and fixing contacts
  • Video materials. For each day of surveillance, a separate film is created with the exact time and date of events

The minimum time for outdoor surveillance is 4 hours. The report is provided every 48 hours(*).
An example of a report on outdoor surveillance is available on request.

Required input data for outdoor surveillance:

  • Surname and name of the subject of observation
  • A photograph or, preferably, several photographs of the object of observation
  • The exact address of the actual location
  • Approximate daily routine

What if you want to track a person when you don’t know where he is?

Well, then you’ve come to the right place. This is just such a case, which involves the conduct of search activities. The task has become somewhat more complicated, but this is not a problem for our detective agency.
We will conduct a search and establish external surveillance for this person.

The results of outdoor surveillance can be evidence in court.