Detective agency service


People search

 Search for debtors, fraudsters, search for missing persons, incl. and children

from 900$

Gathering information

Collection of information about individuals and legal entities, transport, real estate, tax and banking reporting

from 99$

 Outdoor surveillance

Outdoor surveillance and surveillance. Photo and video recording of events.
(Minimum time 2 hours)

from 99$

Parents for children

Identification of the child’s social circle, areas of interest, psychological assistance

from 199$

Corporate consulting

Корпоративный консалтинг в области безопасности предприятий и организаций, системы контроля доступа, информация о сотрудниках

from 900$

Forensic examination

Examination of documents, fingerprinting examinations, technical and forensic examination, examination of handwriting and portrait

from 249$

The cost of detective services is largely determined individually, depending on the complexity of the task.
Contact us for clarification.