Espionage protection

Wiretapping search

Modern methods of stealing information are improving every year. What seemed like the invention of spy novels yesterday is now part of our reality.

All kinds of eavesdropping devices, miniature cameras, long-range vibroacoustic microphones, not to mention computer espionage.

Just yesterday, single craftsmen were engaged in the manufacture of “bugs”, but today anyone who wants to can purchase a Chinese-made eavesdropping device with a GSM module.

Theft of information causes great harm to the business and the prestige of the company. These dangerous phenomena can be suppressed or reduced to zero.

At a minimum, the executive’s office and meeting room must be protected from espionage.

Scan and search for spy devices

At the disposal of the specialists of our agency are high-precision instruments, sensors and scanners of eavesdropping devices.

With such a powerful technical base, it is simply impossible not to detect an espionage device!

Unfortunately, information theft devices can be detected in 99% of cases. Why not 100% you ask?

The human factor has not been canceled. An unscrupulous employee can install a voice recorder with a long recording duration and periodically remove information from it.

The same goes for hidden video cameras. A person can leave a completely harmless object in the room, which in fact turns out to be equipped with a hidden surveillance camera and turn it on only during important negotiations.

In such situations, active countermeasures to counter espionage help:

  • Installing GSM signal suppressors
  • Jammer installation
  • Installing a noise generator

Such measures and the complex of their application will help to minimize the possibility of information theft.