Corporate investigations

Corporate investigations

The number of corporate violations doubles every two years. Corporate investigations are designed to protect your company’s interests from both external and internal threats.

No matter how carefully the staff is selected and what tests the applicant passes, there will always be an employee who will try to harm your company with fraudulent actions. Sometimes amazing things happened when employees of large companies with extensive experience were convicted of embezzlement, theft of information and industrial espionage in favor of competitors.

However, if you are in doubt, we will conduct a corporate investigation in your company, and you will see for yourself.

The specialists of our detective agency for corporate investigations and consulting will prepare a clear plan and develop the best strategy for hiring candidates.

To protect your company from fraudulent activities by business partners and contractors, our detective agency offers a set of proven measures to suppress potential threats.

Corporate investigations include:

  • HR consulting. A complete study of the biographical and personal data of applicants, a complete collection of dossiers using specialized databases and Osint research in social networks.
  • Investigation of theft of property, including intellectual property, with the involvement of a forensic expert.
  • Corruption investigations. Our private detectives investigate the facts of electronic espionage, search for listening devices and hidden video cameras in the premises of the company.
  • Polygraph test. A polygraph examiner will analyze the behavior of the suspected employee of dishonest behavior and answer the question whether the suspect is lying or not.
  • Collection of information about partners and contractors. Detectives will establish the full history of potential partners, conduct a personalized analysis of managers and founders.
  • Undercover work. When a detective leaves for a meeting disguised as a potential client or customer.

Whether your company is facing social media issues, internal and external security issues, partnership fraud or human resource issues, our corporate investigation team highlights every aspect of the problem, identifies bottlenecks, identifies root causes, and delivers actual results. which you need to know.

Doing business in Russia has a number of specific features and our private detectives certainly have the knowledge that allows them to consult on business security for foreign companies.

Russia ranks 147th out of 183 in the Corruption Perceptions Index.
Russian laws are very strict, and the police and courts uphold the interests of the state.

At the same time, people in Russia are kind and welcoming.
Clients who contact our agency will receive comprehensive information about any issues of interest to them in the field of business security in Russia

Background: Business specifics in Russia

Corporate investigations are designed to protect the company from losses

The management of the company must know the truth about the people with whom they work and do business.