detective agency

Detective agency “Poirot” was founded in 2008 by several private detectives, who decided that together they could offer much more detective services than if they acted individually.

During our work, we have successfully completed hundreds of cases, found dozens of people, held many detective events, collected terabytes of information for our clients.

  • We cooperate with many private detectives and over time have significantly expanded the geography of services.
  • All our private detectives have a personal license issued in accordance with the regulations.
  • Our operatives, forensic experts, technicians are all high-level professionals.

The concept of our detective agency is a careful selection of performers. We are responsible for every word and every letter of the information provided.

The current legislation has endowed detective agencies with broad powers.

The activities of the detective agency “Poirot” are strictly confidential and have the goal of promoting stability and security in every way. We help with solving issues that relate to the private sphere and cannot be brought into the public field.

The staff of the Poirot detective agency will provide professional assistance in solving any crisis situation, even if it concerns local governments, public authorities and other areas.

If you are looking for a private detective, you probably have a need for these services?
Detective agency “Poirot” is ready to carry out almost any of your orders or assist in solving your problems.

Our credo is honesty, responsibility, decency