Детективное агентство

The Poirot detective agency operates within the framework of the legislation in force on the territory of Russia, with the aim of promoting the stability and security of your business in every possible way. In addition, we help with personal matters.

The activities of the Poirot detective agency are strictly confidential.

The staff of the Poirot detective agency will provide professional assistance in resolving any crisis situation, even if it concerns local governments, public authorities and other areas.

If you are looking for a private detective, you probably have a need for these services?
Detective agency “Poirot” is ready to carry out almost any of your orders or assist in solving your problems.

The current legislation has endowed detective agencies with broad powers.

In particular, a detective agency can collect information and search for evidence in criminal and civil cases, provide search services (including missing persons, documents, property), carry out external surveillance of the object, return debts and much more.