Private investigations in Russia


The services of a private detective are in demand all over the world, including in Russia.

Using the latest technologies and colossal experience in the operational and investigative work of our detectives, the Poirot agency is the leader in the market of detective services in Russia.

Private investigation knows no boundaries, no time, there is no such task that would not be beyond the power of our private detectives.


People search

Detective agency Poirot carries out search activities to search people in private

Gathering information

Private investigators of Poirot Agency will gather information for you about individuals and organizations.

Outdoor surveillance

The Poirot Detective Agency will provide you with comprehensive information about the pastime of your loved ones

Parents for children

Private detectives agency Poirot will help to solve the problems that arise between parents and children.

Corporate consulting

Corporate consulting is a set of measures aimed at ensuring the security of the company's business

Hidden CCTV

The Poirot Detective Agency is installing CCTV systems in residential areas and offices.

Forensic examination

Forensic experts of the detective agency will conduct a detailed investigation in any areas of forensic examination

Private investigations

Private investigations are a set of sensitive measures when it is not convenient to contact law enforcement agencies

Confidential assignments

The Poirot detective agency will carry out any of your confidential assignments on the territory of Russia