Scanning premises for bugs and hidden cameras

Protection of premises from eavesdropping devices and hidden surveillance cameras

Checking the premises and a set of security measures will significantly reduce the risk of information leakage to competitors, and ensure the protection of the home from intruders.

Computer systems can encrypt information, but at the stage of analog transmission of information, there are significant risks that allow attackers to find out secrets or obtain information that is not intended for third parties.

Modern spies use miniature cameras, cameras with remote access, camcorders, voice recorders, long-range sound recording equipment and other eavesdropping devices to obtain information. The market is filled with a variety of technical espionage gadgets.

How to improve the safety of the premises?

The security of premises can be increased using a set of security measures, which is divided into 3 stages:

  • Spy device detection
  • Protection against unauthorized information retrieval
  • Countermeasures to counter the installation of data capture devices

Spy device detection

To successfully complete the 1st stage of safety, take the following measures:
  • Do not call from the premises to be checked
  • Don’t use a landline phone
  • Close off access to electrical and ventilation chambers
  • By the arrival of a specialist, be prepared to turn off the power supply in the room where the check is carried out

Checking an office or apartment for bugs and hidden video cameras takes some time and depends on the area of the room being checked. Verification may require deployment of handheld antennas, be prepared.

The verification report can be received at the office of our agency the next day or by email in electronic form.

Protection against unauthorized information retrieval

After the check, you will be asked to install equipment that prevents unauthorized removal of information.

  • Noise generator embedded in window openings and ventilation. Allows to block the leakage of information through the vibroacusitic channel on windows and ventilation chambers.
  • Vibroacoustic noise generator. Eliminates the use of recording equipment indoors.
  • Suppressor-blocker of GSM signal. Creates special interference in the range of cellular communication.
  • Special blinds on the windows, which prevent the possibility of video filming indoors.

Depending on your budget, you can take advantage of our specialist’s recommendations.

Background: Espionage protection

Countermeasures to counter the installation of data capture devices

As a countermeasure to counter information theft devices, the specialists of our detective agency suggest installing an access control system – a remote access control system.

We have a variety of ready-made projects for an office, apartment or private house. The technical solutions of the specialists of our agency have a wide range of applications from a hidden separate video camera to the complete equipping of the enterprise with the latest access control system with biometric data of employees.

Please note that when installing and installing a video surveillance system, we act within the framework of the Federal Law “On Private Detective and Security Activities in the Russian Federation” and the Federal Law “On Operational Investigative Activities” and are not responsible for further operation, resale or transfer of equipment third parties.