Preventing Fraud and Fraud in Marriage

Preventing fraud. Private investigations

Personal relationship problems

There are many beautiful girls living in Russia, they are attractive, smart and funny.
They love the attention of foreigners, some of them are ready to go to any lengths to improve their financial situation.

Investigating privately and gathering information about the person you are interested in can prevent spending and find out who your chosen one really is.

Our detectives will collect information about applicants for the role of your life partner, establish observation and provide the necessary evidence.

There are situations when a man from another country marries a girl from Russia. But now he had to go home.
What does your friend do when you are away for a long time? She’s right? How does she spend her time? With whom? What purchases does the family make and what does the family spend on?

Our agency will help you answer these questions.

It gets even more complicated if your children live in Russia. Children are subject to influence and temptation, and bad company can lead to very negative consequences.

Family problems and problems with children are common reasons for turning to private detectives.

The police in Russia are a complex corrupt structure, even if a crime has been committed against you, it will be very difficult to involve the police.

Preventing Fraud

Computer crime, fraud, trust deception, credit card theft and trademark misuse are areas that police in Russia are extremely reluctant to address.

In this case, only a private investigation by independent detectives gives good results. When investigating crimes of this nature, law enforcement agencies and courts most often shirk their responsibilities.

Someone in Russia may illegally manufacture goods under your company’s brand. Hundreds of claims of defrauded buyers can be addressed to you. It is these dangerous situations that we advise you to avoid.

Our investigators will conduct a private, independent investigation, and our lawyers will act as your legal representation if the need arises.