Private investigations

Private investigations. Russia

Private investigation is the main field of activity of the detective agency. Private investigations are extremely complex and require immediate response and professionalism.

The main reason for private investigations is the sensitive topic of personal relationships. A stressful situation creates dangerous stress for loved ones and relatives. Maybe you suspect, but don’t want a confrontation. You won’t be alone.

Knowing the true state of affairs can be harmful, but it gives you the clarity you need to make the right decision and allows you to move forward in life.

But before you decide to refuse to receive evidence, keep in mind that if you choose to confront your spouse, it will not only be your word against your spouse’s in the circle of family and friends, it will also be your word against their word in court. where the stakes can be very high and not everyone risks losing their home and family at the same time.

Suspicions of infidelity?

We will disappoint you, your suspicions are most likely not groundless. Many years of experience in private investigations by our detective agency shows that, alas, this is so.

As a rule, when a spouse begins to guess about treason, the other half has long been leading a life in two, or even three houses. Love and habit, as it turned out, dull perception.

How can the truth be established?

The detective’s main tool in obtaining evidence of treason, or, in rare cases, loyalty is the surveillance of the object.

Only visual contact with the use of special means will help establish the fact of treason or its absence.

However, private investigations are not only about surveillance. Gathering publicly available information is equally important, especially when it comes to divorce proceedings and evidence for the court.
At the same time, not everything is so prosaic and, at the same time, romantic.

Private investigations are not only about establishing guilt, but also innocence

Private investigation is a set of measures aimed at establishing the actual state of affairs and not only the affairs of the heart.

We have a saying in Russia: “Do not swear that you will not go to prison and become a beggar”. Finding yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time can become a beggar and go to prison. And there are many sad proofs of this.

A private investigation in this case is a good chance to prove innocence. And here we will not be shy about the means. A simple CCTV camera on a pole can say much more than a corrupt prosecution witness or police officer. And proof of alibis can often only be obtained through mobile billing.

Background: Preventing fraud and scams

The concept of a private investigation includes everything that the police cannot and often do not want to do.

Private detectives of our agency are high-level professionals, entrust your problems to us, take a step towards yourself!